24 hours 28 min and 55 sec of Moab

I've been wanting to do this race for a while, and finally I got a chance this year. I think doing the 24 hours of Moab as a 4 person team is a great way to do this race. You get a chance to race, but you also get a chance to enjoy the "festival atmosphere" of this event.

Bart was putting out record lap times, but the whole team was showing a great performance. And that includes Bart's mom (team cook, team manager of 3 teams, keeping everybody informed about lap times, start times, etc) and the Cannondale mechanics Troy and Ryan. It felt great to win this race and post the most laps of the event, but the really cool thing was that each one of us on the team did 5 laps and we never had to change our rotation in order to achieve our victory. Mountain biking is not usually a team sport, but Moab was definitely different in that respect.

Here's a look at the Mona-Vie/Cannondale pit area

The start of the race reminded me of the running of the bulls in Pamplona

Notice the cacti right there

Bart finishing up his first lap and handing the duty over to Jason

Nina was a great addition to the team, a great rider, always with a smile on her face

The weather was perfect for racing, the course was nice and dry

Bart posting the fastest lap of the entire race in 1 hour and 2 min

Jason looking as fresh on his last lap as he did on his first

Jason finishing up his last lap of the 24 hours of Moab

If you want to see some more pictures and race reports, go to our team's website, Bart, or Jason's website


Tsunami said...

Long way from the Iguana, Sawmill Trail and Allan Road, No ?

Good job !!!!

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