biking's done for 06

One last Cyclocross race in Ogden, it was muddy and fun. Didn't really have a lot of punch left, but I had a great time. Lots of slippery mud. I still haven't cleaned my bike yet, I figure the mud will preserve the parts well.
I went skate skiing Sunday and Monday, legs are really tired today. The skiing is pretty good at Soldier Hollow, thanks to some good snow making. Looking forward to doing some more skate skiing this year, maybe I'll even try a race or two.
After a good month or so of eating bad foods, I decided to go to the University to have a Body Composition Analysis done. Turns out I weigh in at 163 solid pounds, 11% body fat and 89% lean body mass. (that includes everything but fat) I guess it could be a little better, but considering the time of the year, I'm quite ok with that. Having a lot of austrian chocolate in the house really doesn't help loosing weight, but it sure tastes good. Now I have to go wax my skis for tomorrow.


Since riding my bike outside is pretty much done due to the temperatures, a few friends of mine and I decided to go out for a snowshoe at Deer Valley. It was a full moon, and we started from Silver Lake Village towards Park City. It was great, DV hasn't opened that side of the mountain yet, so there was no grooming going on. Also, the mid mountain trail was in great shape. Plenty of snow to make snowshoeing fun, but you could still see where the trail was. I found some pics from last weekends CX race, hopefully this weekend will be just as much fun.

See you in Ogden on Saturday!

Getting close to the last race of the season

One more cyclocross race down, one to go. It was a fun race again in Ogden, finally we had some different conditions. The course was a mixture of hard packed snow, ice and mud. I didn't know how I would feel, not having ridden my bike all week. I felt good, though, not much different than usual. I had an ok start, after lap 1 there were 2 groups of 3 in the front, I made up the rear in 6th. In lap 2, things started to speed up a little, and I was able to move up to 2nd, 8 seconds down on Bart when we came through the start/finish line. Art O'Conner was right on my ass, and he did so for the next lap. In lap 3, Art came around and I was happy to see that, I thought it would be good to work with him, maybe even get closer up to Bart. But then, on a fast sketchy downhill, I lost control and went tumbling into the snow. The snow certainly softened my fall, but my handlebars were all twistet. I rode a 1/2 mile or so, but had to stop and straighten out my steerer. That cost me some time, and I found myself in 6th, with Jason Sager and Jon Gallagher righ in front of me. By the end, I finished in 4th, behind Bart, Art and Chris Pietrzak. The race was fun, the course was a blast, only one more to go and then it's time to get fat. Actually I've been working on that already. Went skate skiing for the first time this year on Sunday. Legs felt a little tired and technique certainly rusty, hope I can improve on that over the next few months. We'll see.