Saturday Group Ride

I tried to meet KDay, Shannon and Blaney for a nice long mtb ride in PC, but I ended up getting to the parking lot a few minutes late. I decided I'd head up Spiro to catch up to them, figuring that might be the route they would take. Turns out these guys were even later than me, so we never quite hooked up. Funny, though, because at the end, we ended up doing almost the exact same loop.

You gotta love the views from the crest trail, it's always worth climbing up "puke hill"

Doesn't get much better than that - great views plus colors and sweet single track!


The fall temps are great for riding. The colors are getting pretty, too. I had a great ride this morning, until a wasp decided to sting me on my inner thigh as I was flying down Daly Ave. I guess it could be worse, an inch further to the left and it would have been really painful....

Yesterday I ran into this young moose on Spiro. If you go out during the right time of the day, chances are big you run into one this time of the year.

Peaking at the right time

The Tour de Suds rolled into town, and the competition was intense......

I wasn't the only European tackling this years race......

But in the end, I was able to shake them all off and was the first one to enjoy this great view from the top of Guardsman's pass


Started my ride a little late, but was able to enjoy a sunset from the top of Bald Mtn and got to try out my headlights riding down "Freestyle"

New Job

It's only part time, but I've always wanted to be a real mountain bike cowboy.....

Early morning riding

ran into these guys riding in park city up shadow lake loop