1st mtb race at St. George

So I guess I haven't updated my blog in a while. Lots of stuff going on, nothing really to write about. I am fortunate this year to ride for a great new team. I can't wait to get my new Cannondale Taurine, it'll be a blast to race on. This past weekend I decided to go down to St. George and ride a mountain bike for the 2nd time this year. I was lucky enough that Matt O had a Rush that I could borrow, since I haven't gotten my new Taurine yet and I just sold my old mountain bike on ebay. Brandon Firth and I decided to take the drive on Saturday morning, we wanted to leave around 6am, but by the time we got started it was a little closer to 7. We made it there on time, though, enough to mount a bottle cage on my bike and get a 15min warm up.
The course is a lot of fun, the climbs are rather mellow and the downhills are just pure pleasure. I haven' t ridden a full suspension in 4 years and the Rush sure felt different than what I am used to. It was actually really nice on the climbs, but it was absolutely brilliant on the down hills. I can't believe how well the lefty absorbs the bumps, yet stays so true to the line. I felt like driving a Cadillac around on the race course. I hope I'll get a chance to race that bike in a Super D race.
Had a really bad start and thought of throwing up due to a cold I've been fighting all week, but kept riding and actually started to feel better as the race went on. I couldn't catch up to my new team mates Jason and Bart, but was able to take third to make it a 1, 2, 3 finish for our team. Big thanks to Matt O for letting me use this cool new bike, personaly I think everyone should have a Carbon Rush in their garage.
Now I hope I can get back into a decent training routine and have a fun season. I feel like the ski season is coming to an end, I sure will miss the skate skiing at Soldier Hollow. Well, it'll only be a year 'til next time. Actually can't wait for the bike season to really kick off.